Multimedia Communication Platform does not only provide multimedia mission-critical communication services but also achieves interconnection across legacy PMR, IPPBX and PTToC. As a result, it satisfies all the vertical industries' needs, including public safety, energy, railway, power grid, transportation, etc. and offers rich services, such as voice, video, data services and multimedia dispatching. Moreover, it has fully considered inheritance of user habits and offers features like mobility management, call control, resource allocation, and more.
As a leading manufacturer and solution provider of  dedicated communication, Hytera is capable of customized integrated solutions, making user management more adaptive, more efficient and safer.

Communication Solution over Public Networks

Hytera HyTalk is a typical OTT-PTT solution that can be deployed on private/public LTE and Wi-Fi. It helps users to protect investment on legacy PMR by interworking with them. Top on that, the SmartOne dispatching system can connect the legacy PMR, the PoC platform, IPPBX and CCTV system to provide all-around perception.

3GPP Broadband Trunking Solution MCS

Hytera provides the end-to-end MCS solution, including LTE core, eNode base station, and MCS application system that consists of multiple sub-systems, including HyTalk MC the 3GPP standard mission critical system, multimedia dispatching system, multimedia recording & playback system, Smart Mobile Device Management, NMS.

What Are The Key Features?

Next Generation PTT

The ideal solution for users migrating legacy PMR technology to broadband technology.

Multimedia Services

HyTalk brings rich multimedia services to industrial users, from voice-centric to multimedia capabilities.

3GPP MCX Framework

Compliant with 3GPP MCX standards, HyTalk MC brings comprehensive & enhanced MCPTT/MCVideo/MCData services to Mission-Critical/Business-Critical Sectors.

Smooth Migration

HyTalk provides powerful interconnection capabilities with legacy PMR network, together with Hytera's innovative multi-mode terminals, guarantees the smooth service migration process towards the broadband era.

Guaranteed Security

HyTalk platform provides enhanced encryption protection over E2E voice/video/data traffic, and the system can also be hardened following separate SW/HW encryption modules.

Versatile PTT Terminals

Hytera provides various types of PTT terminals, supporting different field operation scenarios.

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    Hytera HyTalk MC Solution Introduction


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    Introducing Hytera HyTalk Solution


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    How to Use Hytera HyTalk Push-To-Talk App


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