Hytera HyTalk Pro PMR-LTE Convergence-native System

Hytera HyTalk Pro

The Hytera HyTalk Pro is a multimedia mission-critical communication solution that realizes interconnection and free communication between the narrowband and broadband communications systems. It delivers rich voice, video, and data services, and provides functions including mobility management, call control, resource allocation, and multimedia dispatch, and more. Users can install Hytera HyTalk Pro Client application on Android phones, PoC radios, and multi-mode advanced radios, and body worn cameras.

Highlights of Hytera HyTalk Pro

Dual Mode with Same Number

No matter whether the terminal registers with narrowband or broadband network, it uses the same ID number to access various services. This makes it much easier for configuration and management.

Dynamic Regrouping

The terminal user or dispatcher can select multiple users to create a dynamic group and manage the group members such as adding or deleting a member.


The Hytera HyTalk Pro Client allows the user to view the real-time location information, or directly make a voice or video call to the terminal on the map.

Mixed Group

The mixed group includes broadband users and narrowband users. Under either the broadband or narrowband network, the call can be initiated to this mixed group.

Photo and Live Video Uploading

The broadband terminal can automatically upload the photo or live video to the specified dispatch station.

Floor Control

Hytera HyTalk Pro provides a series of floor control management, includes floor request, floor grant, floor preemption, floor queue and floor notification.
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