Smart MDM

Smart Mobile Device Management

Repeaters Systems

The Smart Mobile Device Management (MDM) is an application designed to remotely configure and manage radios in a wireless or wired mode. Over the WLAN or LTE network, it enables you to perform programming, software upgrade, key management, permission control, App and file push, remote lock, data erasure, and more on the multi-mode advanced radios and PoC radios in batch. Working with the Device Task Workstation (DTW), the Smart MDM allows you to program and upgrade the narrowband radio and accessories in the wired mode.

Highlights of Smart MDM

Centralized management

The Smart MDM allows you to manage all Hytera radios and accessories from any location.

Various supplement features

The Smart MDM supports smart battery management, positioning, file push, time fence, Kiosk mode, online statistics, and cloud backup.


The Smart MDM supports geographic redundancy to ensure the security of user data and applications in case the computer system fails due to natural disasters and catastrophic events.
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