Hytera offers tailored service solutions that best fit the needs of customers based on deep understanding of the industry. Its proven expertise and full portfolio of service products ensure stable and efficient operation of the customers' networks. 

Core Advantage

Flexible Customization

With deep understanding of the customers' needs, Hytera is committed to improving network performance and optimizing resource for better customer satisfaction.

Rapid Deployment

Thanks to the full-fledged platform Hytera can quickly deliver integrated solutions to customers worldwide

Planning & Design

Hytera has a deep understanding of the needs of industry customers and best service practices thanks to more than 20 years of technology accumulation in the field of PMR communications and an industry-leading team of experts serving more than 6 million industry customers in the world.

Application Scenarios

Daily operation, emergency operation

System Reliability

Multi-level fail-soft, hardware redundancy and backup, strong software fault tolerance

Radio Network Planning Service

Coverage, capacity, frequency and parameter planning

Operation and Maintenance

Multi-service mode, basic after-sales service, customized after-sales service

More Customized-Services

Project Implementation Management

Hytera provides professional management services for customers at all stages of the project, including network survey and design, network planning, factory acceptance test, logistics, project implementation, inter-system debugging, network optimization, implementation and acceptance, after-sales services and maintenance, and more.

Survey and Design Service

High-quality site survey and network design and well-considered coverage planning ensure smooth engineering construction and extensive signal coverage

Factory Acceptance Test

The factory acceptance test is an important part of testing whether the system can meet customers' requirements. It helps customers confirm that equipment is fit for purpose and meets all applicable design requirements

Logistics, Project Implementation and Integrated System Testing

With ample product supply, cooperation with professional logistics suppliers, rapid project implementation capabilities, and comprehensive configuration, debugging and functional testing, Hytera assures you that the radio network is built as schedule

Radio Network Optimization Service

Optimized network coverage and handover and frequency reuse guarantee smooth communications for the customers

Implementation and Acceptance

Provide complete project closeout documents and professional training for customers on the use and maintenance of network systems and terminals. Preliminary and final acceptance policy to ensure that customer’s requirements and standards are met

After-sales Services

Hytera is always ready to help customers anytime and anywhere. By eliminating potential network risks and quick response to faults in the network, Hytera is committed to facilitating customers to achieve success

Case Studies

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