Unified Communication

Enpower your dispatcher to communicate across multiple standards and multiple private and public systems,and deliver a wide range of audio, video, and data services. The platform is thoughtfully designed to ensure that your work force across radios and systems are interconnected and enable your dispatchers to coordinate efficiently. It is a wise choice for daily command and control, emergency command and control, and security protection for major events.

Multi-system Intercommunication

Integrated with various private and public networks through wired and wireless gateways, supporting interconnection across networks of different standards and  manufacturers.

Advanced Voice Process Technology, Humanised User Experience

Various voice format conversions
Voice detection technology
Gain control technology
Supports E2EE
Mobility-oriented dispatching platforms
Customized GUI
Whole network unified user management

Unified Dispatching

Abundant features are available for unified dispatching among different systems, such as individual call, group call, group patching,
all call, broadcast call, priority call, emergency call, conference call, monitoring and ambience listening.
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