How to Ensure the Smooth Running of a Sport Event?

A large sport stadium or a sport field venue usually holds a considerable number of spectators and has complex facilities inside and outside the area. To ensure the smooth running of the event, the security forces must have an instant, clear and reliable communication.  

Hytera two-way radio solutions for sports events management integrates different terminals, systems and resources into a unified communication network, which enables instant calls between work forces, such as security guards, parking attendants, and volunteers.

Our Successful Cases

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Beijing 2022 is most-watched and digitally engaged Winter Olympics ever, more than 515 million have tuned into the events on CCTV broadcasting. More than 2,000 athletes from 129 countries attended this world class sports event in Beijing. It is a big challenge to create a smooth event without triggering a virus outbreak. Beijing, for a city determined to keep out the virus that first emerged within its borders, bringing in more than 15,000 people from all over the world for the event.

IAAF World Athletics Championships

Hytera supplied TETRA hand portable and mobile radios to the organizers of the IAAF World Athletics Championship held in Doha, Qatar in 2019. The new radios greatly enhanced the coverage area, security and call quality for the staff running the event.

Indonesian Masters 2018 Tournament

Major sporting events require a lot of organisation behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly and the BNI Indonesian Masters golf tournament is no exception. The flagship event has relied on Hytera DMR radio technology for the last two years to provide a reliable communications solution.

Salford Stadium

Managing communications across a stadium requires a great deal of consideration. The radios have to be robust and easy to use, yet also comfortable for wearing throughout the day. The transmission quality has to be excellent, with high crowd noise levels and concrete to pass through from one end of the stadium to another.
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