Key Trends of the Physical Security Transformation

Ongoing Digital Transformation

Ongoing Digital Transformation

The security industry is evolving from being labor-intensive to technology-intensive. It is trending to rely on digital technology to facilitate security work. With digital systems, security teams can collect data, such as voice messages, images, and videos via multiple systems and from multiple sources, thus ensuring accurate analytics, delivering actionable information, and alerting notifications to the frontline security forces.
Public Communications Network Preferred

Public Communications Network Preferred

Instant and reliable communications across the team are vital to ensure the on-site operation efficiency and safety. Many security companies, however, can’t afford to have a totally private system due to a limited budget and lack of know-how in system maintenance. To save the networking cost, more of them are investing in over-the-top (OTT) applications or systems to realize private communications for their staff in daily operations and in times of emergencies. 
Systems Interconnected and Converged

Systems Interconnected and Converged

In many security scenarios, there are multiple systems working together such as CCTV, push-to-talk (PTT), public address (PA), physical access control, alarm, control room, etc. The isolation of various security systems leads to inefficient communication among employees, especially of different teams or departments; it slows down the speed of response to incidents and causes greater property and even personnel losses. A comprehensive set of safe and reliable unified communication and dispatching systems is urgently needed to solve the problems.
Safety of Security Personnel Receiving More Attention

Safety of Security Personnel Receiving More Attention

Safety is always a top priority. The safety of security professionals is taken seriously as a major concern during security operations. Digital technologies are introduced to facilitate the security work and to be a method to protect the personnel. The behavior and route of security personnel at work can be recorded and tracked in real-time; geo-fence ensures the personnel patrol in the designated area in a certain duration; devices with all-time connectivity and alarm features give the team a hand in moment that matters. The safety and welfare of personnel is becoming an increasingly more important factor in IT and CT investment decisions.

Modernize Physical Security by Implementing Advanced Communications

Security work varies across industries and scenarios, but it is mainly divided into on-site security and mobile security. Hytera provides safe and reliable communication and dispatch solutions for different scenarios and customizes solutions according to customer needs.

  • PMR Solution
  • Converged Solution
  • Body Camera Solution
  • Command and Control Solution
  • Standalone PMR System for Critical Missions

    Whenever there is a major event, there are many people on site, and the public network communication is congested. As a dedicated private system, Hytera PMR system operates reliably and securely to facilitate response to threats; it can network with multiple repeaters or with trunking base stations to achieve a wide coverage, e.g., for a city. Hytera two-way radios are abundant with security features such as one-touch call and text, emergency alerts, man-down, and lone worker.

  • Cross-regional and Mobile Communications

    For a very wide range of security scenarios, the cost of deploying a dedicated PMR network is very high and Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PoC) technology brings an answer. PoC system provides rich communication services including voice, video, data, and unified dispatching. With the Hytera HyTalk application installed on PoC radios, dual-mode rugged radios, or body cameras, users can access PTT services through the public networks (3G/4G) and WLAN.

  • Mobile Surveillance and e-Evidence

    Body cameras play an important part in the security industry. Body cameras are effective to reduce conflicts as people tend to calm down if they know they are being filmed. The captured footage can be used as evidence in court later to let the public and judge know how the incident unfolded. Hytera provides the bodycam solution to promote workplace transparency and protect people, including the security guards themselves.

  • Command and Control

    Security service organizations, especially large security companies, dispatch security professionals to various places for services, which requires a network and a control room solution to dispatch and manage them in a unified manner. Besides large-scale cross-regional communication, Hytera provides an integrate command & control (ICC) solution to effectively manage situations and staff.

Case Studies

  • Hytera Convergent Communications Solution for Dubai Luxury Hotel, Atlantis the Palm
    Hytera Convergent Communications Solution for Dubai Luxury Hotel, Atlantis the Palm
    Hytera supplied a PoC Solution with MDM and DMR Tier II solution with Rugged Hand portable radios at Atlantis the Palm, Dubai.
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