PoC System

The Hytera HyTalk is a Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) solution that provides nationwide communication through the public network. It delivers rich communication services, including voice, video, and data. With the HyTalk application installed on Hytera PoC radios, multi-mode advanced radios, or body worn cameras, you can access reliable PTT services over 3G, 4G, or WLAN network.

Highlights of HyTalk

Hierarchical User Model

The Hytera HyTalk adopts a hierarchical user model in the Service Operation Platform (SOP). Users at different levels are granted with various operation permissions to simplify management and enhance work efficiency.

Flexible Packages

The SOP offers flexible package templates for different service combos to form packages that meet the needs of different users.

Nationwide Coverage

Relying on the existing 3G, 4G, and WLAN networks, the Hytera HyTalk delivers both PTT voice and large volume of data in nationwide coverage.

Rich Services

The Hytera HyTalk offers diverse services, including instant PTT, real-time video call, positioning, hierarchical recording, map-based dispatch, and more.

High Reliability

The Hytera HyTalk server supports the active-standby local redundancy solution. When the active server fails, the standby server takes over the active server to continue to provide services.


Without additional wireless infrastructure investment, the Hytera HyTalk leverages the existing public network and WLAN network to provide instant communication.
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