E-pack100 DMR Ad-hoc Portable Repeater


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The Hytera E-pack100 is a manpack device for narrowband voice wireless networking. Without any other infrastructure, it can provide a secure, reliable, easy-to-install/remove and ready-to-use voice communication network for the emergency site in the form of wireless multi-hop ad-hoc network.


Highlights of E-pack100

Wireless Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking

Hytera E-pack100 can create a wireless mobile ad-hoc network, in which there are maximum 31 nodes. The ad-hoc network is self-configuring and dynamic in which E-pack nodes are free to move.

GSM Link as Backup

With an embedded GSM card, if an E-pack node is away from the network, it can make a call via public network to any E-pack node on the network. This ensures radios within its coverage can communicate with each other on the same network.

High Spectrum Efficiency

Based on TDMA and FDMA technology, one frequency can be used to make calls and route voice at the same time, greatly saving frequency resources.

Multiple Networking Topologies

The E-pack supports versatile topologies, for example, chain, tree, star and more, so as to extend communication coverage.

Fast Deployment

Based on wireless mobile ad-hoc networking, Hytera E-pack is capable of creating and joining networks to deploy the communication system as soon as it is powered on
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Hytera ImageHytera Emergency Ad-Hoc Network Solution
Hytera Image

Hytera Emergency Ad-Hoc Network Solution

Hytera Emergency Ad-Hoc Network Solution

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