E-center On-site Dispatch Console


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E-center is an on-site command and dispatch center to provide immediate on-site response. The three-screen design integrates command & control, map, and video surveillance to provide the most comprehensive information possible in a visual manner. It also supports multiple links to interconnect with the command center in remote area for collaboration. E-center can be used as on-site command center in multiple emergency scenarios such as firefighting, flood, earthquake and typhoon etc.


Highlights of E-center

Triple-screen Design

The triple-screen design allows for simultaneous display of the map, dispatch and video screens. Site commanders can understand the situation in a more holistic manner.

Rich Connections

Besides the built-in microphone and speaker, the E-center can also connect to external palm microphone, microphone, and earpiece. Multiple voice input and output options enables easy operation.

Multi-power Supply Options

The device features a standard 185 Wh battery that supports fast recharging and an optional backup battery. Besides, it can be powered by the mains, generator and vehicle.

Ultra Portable

The screens are easily foldable so that the E-center can be placed in a trolley case for transportation.

Multiple Connectivities

The E-center integrates the GSM, 3G/4G, and WLAN modules and supports satellite links. It can live stream voice and video of the scene to the command center for improved situational awareness.

Rugged and Durable

Carbon fiber shell, rugged industrial keyboard, plus multifunction keys and three-axis rocker ensure easy operation and long service life in harsh environments.
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Hytera Emergency Ad-Hoc Network solution

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