Hytera Digital Radios & Trunking Systems

Hytera provides a full range of DMR and TETRA products and solutions, including portable and mobile radios, repeaters, IP connection, and trunking systems. The leading digital technology platform, innovative features, and comprehensive portfolio have empowered government authorities, public safety organizations, and enterprises worldwide to achieve safer and more efficient operations.

What makes you believe Hytera?

Sophisticated Digital Trunking Technology

Based on years of experience in DMR and TETRA product development and project, Hytera provides solutions that better meet users’ actual application needs and the product design that can fit private network users' habits.

Leading DMR Trunking Communication Solution

Hytera can provide a full range of DMR open standard products and solutions. End-to-end products including terminals, systems, and applications provide users with comprehensive solutions.

Excellent TETRA Communication Solution

Hytera's TETRA base stations provide powerful reliability when you need it most, and our radios offer an expansive feature list compliant with the ETSI TETRA open standard, managed through our impressive applications.

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    Hytera Image

    Hytera DMR Trunking Solution


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    Hytera Image

    Hytera H Series Portfolio Introduction


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    Hytera Image

    Hytera DMR Trunking Cube Base Station


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