Hytera Launches New Generation Compact DMR Repeater HR65X


Flexible to deploy and easy to network, Hytera HR65X Compact DMR Repeater allows businesses to set up reliable two-way radio coverage at a designated venue with the least space and most usability.

Shenzhen, China - Hytera Communications (SZSE: 002583), a leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, has recently added another member to its Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) portfolio by releasing HR65X Compact DMR Repeater. As Hytera’s second repeater following the debut of Hytera’s new generation DMR, H Series, in 2021, HR65X is designed to offer an agile way to establish, expand or enhance the coverage of a two-way radio system.

Compact and lightweight, HR65X can be flexibly mounted to the wall or carried around in a backpack with tailored accessories. With the minimum requirement for on-site installation conditions, HR65X allows the communication connection anywhere it’s needed; the repeater is available in two versions: 25W high power version with an attached fan and 10W low power without a fan.

From the single-site DMR conventional system for low-rise buildings to IP multi-site system for high-rise buildings, HR65X delivers powerful and stable signals to every corner of the venue. It weighs only about 2kg and can be carried on the back easily. When it is airborne with a professional drone, HR65X becomes an emergency coverage solution. It can interconnect with other repeater models from Hytera and form a tailored network to meet different requirements.

Designed to operate with AC power or an optional battery, HR65X keeps working in the event of a power outage. When it connects to the AC power supply, the battery works as a backup. In case of an outage, the 12.5Ah battery is ready to support up to 9 hours of 10W operation and up to 4 hours of 25W operation. This power backup solution reduces the capital investment and maintenance manpower for adding UPS power equipment.

HR65X operates in analog mode, DMR mode, or dynamic mixed digital/analog mode, which can ensure that the existing analog radios continue to be connected to the new DMR network and thus protect customers’ previous investment to the greatest extent. Thanks to the Extended Network Management System (XNMS), users can remotely update the configuration of HR65X in minutes and monitor the operation status and alarms in real time which dramatically reduces the time and resources to maintain repeaters in different sites.

For more information about Hytera HR65X compact DMR repeater, please visit: https://www.hytera.com/en-products/digital-radio/dmr-system/hr65x/

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