Hytera Body Worn Camera

Hytera brings bodycam to a new level with innovative hardware and software design, convergence with push-to-talk technology, and integration with control center solutions. Hytera Bodycam serves as a two-way radio with the PTToC (Push-To-Talk Over Cellular) multimedia application installed. Wherever 3G/LTE/WLAN networks are available, you can make a voice/video call with one press of the PTT key.

Discover Your Ideal Body-Worn Camera

Bodycams are typically used by police, fire, and ambulance services, but they are also issued to prison staff, private security officers, healthcare workers, railway workers, traffic wardens, and parking attendants. As for most of the end-users of our product, in their daily routine, they must carry many different devices: a radio for mission-critical communication, sometimes an RSM (Remote Speaker Microphone), and a bodycam, and sure there are some other devices and tools. It’s heavy and annoying for end-users and sometimes very complicated when an emergency happens.

So Hytera makes a smart 3-in-1 design: it can be PTToC radio + BWC + RSM at the same time. End users only need to carry 1 device to function as 3. The PTToC radio function can also work as a backup to PMR radio in certain areas. At the same time, it also saves the cost for customers.

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The Benefits of Body-Worn Camera


  • Be a PTToC Radio

    Be a PTToC Radio

    With Hytera Push-to-Talk over Cellular platforms adopted, the Hytera body-worn cameras provide you with voice, video, and data services over public networks such as 2G,3G,LTE, or WLAN. You can make a call just with a press of the PTT key. The high-power speaker and the dual-microphone with noise cancellation technology help you hear the voice clearly or your voice clearly heard.

  • 4G Video Upload and Group PTT

    4G Video Upload and Group PTT

    Hytera body-worn -cameras along with Hytera command and dispatch and public network PTT platform, realize real-time video and audio upload and group PTT.

  • Remote Speaker Microphone

    Remote Speaker Microphone

    When connected to a radio, the Hytera bodycams can be used as a BT/wired Remotes Speaker Microphone to eliminate the need for officers to carry multiple devices, Itit can display radio information synchronously.

  • AES-256 Encryption

    AES-256 Encryption

    The reliable encryption algorithm gives you the confidence to store and transfer the evidence such as photos, audios, and videos. It also prevents unauthorized people from viewing and editing encrypted evidence.

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