PT580H Plus UL913

Intrinsically Safe TETRA Portable Radio

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PT580H Plus UL913 Intrinsically Safe TETRA Portable Radio, compliant with IS standards of UL 913 and CSA, safely delivers clear voice calls amid noises at industrial sites where there is combustible and explosive dust or gases. As a heavy-duty radio, it is fully ruggedized to withstand shock, humidity, water or dust ingress, and other challenges. Features such as lone worker, man-down, and SOS alert make the radio an essential workplace safety equipment as well.

Highlights of PT580H Plus UL913

Performance Through Innovation

With antenna in the middle position, providing Omni-directional antenna pattern for better coverage performance. The two knobs of the portable radio separated by the antenna, which reduces accidental activation when changing volume channel.

Instantand Communication

PT580H Plus UL913 Intrinsically Safe TETRA Portable Radio enables quick access to TETRA networks and roaming services. Additionally, PT580H Plus UL913 provides powerful interoperability with base stations and terminals of different manufacturers.

Reliable Through Design

IP68 Dust&Water Protection and Hytera ALT Test simulating over years of usage.These tests ensure PT580H Plus UL913 Intrinsically Safe TETRA Portable Radio will stand up to the toughest conditions and environment.

User Friendly Interface

The large TFT color display enables you to access pertinent information with ease, even under bright sunlight. As many as 20 programmable keys are configurable for quick access through one button operations.

Intrinsically Safe

Designed upon UL913 and ACS, it can work safely in most hazardous environments such as petroleum, chemical, natural gas industry. It can provide you with more secure and reliable communication support.

Longer Cycle Life

The 2400mAh Ex Li-Ion battery enables your radio to continuously work longer and the battery lifespan is longer as the charge/discharge cycles are reduced.

Specifications of PT580H Plus UL913

  • General
  • User Interface
  • RF Specifications
  • GPS Specifications
  • Environmental
Frequency Range 380-430 MHz; 405-475 MHz; 806-870 MHz
Dimensions(H×W×D) mm 127.5 mm × 55 mm × 43 mm
Weight 408 g(with 2400 mAh standard battery and antenna)
Operating Voltage 7.4 V
Battery 2400 mAh Li-lon battery
Battery Life (TMO 5/5/90 duty cycle) >24 hours
User Interface
Display 1.8 inch,160*128 pixels,262144 colors
Talk Group-TMO 6000
Talk Group-DMO 4000
Telephone book 2000
Inbox 400
Outbox 50
Drafts 50
Folder-TMO 200
Folder-DMO 50
State Message 200
RF Specifications
Channel Bandwidth 25 kHz
RF Power Output 1 W
RF Power Level Accuracy ±2 dB
RF Power Control 5 dB per step, 4 levels and 3 steps in total
Receiver Class ETSI EN 392-2/396-2 Class A and Class B
RX Sensitivity(Static) 806-870 MHz: ≤-115 dBm(typical-116 dBm); ≤-116 dBm(typical-118 dBm)
RX Sensitivity(Dynamic) 806-870 MHz: ≤-106 dBm(typical-107 dBm); ≤-107 dBm(typical-109 dBm)
Audio Power Output 2 W
GPS Specifications
RX Sensitivity -146 dBm acquisition sensitivity; -165 dBm tracking sensitivity
Horizontal Position Accuracy ≤2.5 m (50% probable -130 dBm)
Cold Start (Time to First Fix) 35 s
Hot Start (Time to First Fix) 1 s
Note Conditions: Open Sky environment, 130 dBm signal strength, 24 H static
Operating Temperature -30ºC to +55ºC(hazardous environment); -30°C ~ +60°C (non-hazardous environment)
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Dust & Water Protection IP65/66/67/68 Per IEC60529
Humidity ETS 300-019-1-7 Class 7.3E; MIL-STD-810 G
Vibration,Drop&Shock ETS 300-019-1-7 Class 5M3; MIL-STD-810 G; GJB150A-2009
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