DS-6211 DMR Trunking Base Station


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Hytera DMR Trunking Base Station is designed for demanding radio users to deliver business and mission critical communications. Developed in compliance with the ETSI standard, the system offers a customized system based on the individual needs of your organization. Modular and flexible, it can tackle high radio traffic, maximizing available capacity across dynamic user groups and challenging single or multi-site geographies.

Highlights of DS-6211

Carrier Grade Reliability

Combined control mechanism (distributed and centralized). Redundancy mechanism. Fault-tolerant capability.

Versatile Services

Maximized frequency utilization. Instant PTT. Enhanced data capacity. Complete security mechanisms. Open APIs for the third-party development. Interconnection with other networks.

Advanced Design

Flexible configuration. Modular design. Maximum 24 carriers per site.

Network Topology

Specifications of DS-6211

System Performance
Subscriber Capacity per MSO 10000
Max. Number of Memberships 1000000
Max. Number of Interconnected MSOs ≤128
MS Capacity per BS 50
BS Specificaition
Standard Compliance PDT/DMR
Frequency Range UHF1: 400-470MHz; UHF2: 450-520MHz; UHF3:330-400MHz; VHF:136-174MHz
Carrier Capacity 1-8 carriers(Maximum up to 24 carriers)
Power Supply DC 48V; AC 220V
Clock Synchronization GPS/PTP
Operating Temperature Extreme: –30 to +60°C; Normal: 15 to 35°C
Storage Temperature –40°C to +85°C
RX Sensitivity(Static) -118dBm@BER≤5%
Adjust Power Range 5W - 100 W
Hytera Image
Hytera ImageHytera DMR Trunking Base Station
Hytera Image


Hytera DMR Trunking Base Station

Hytera Image

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