New PoC Mobile Radio MNC360: The Right Choice for In-vehicle Communication


On May 26th, 2022, Hytera announced the launch of MNC360, a PoC mobile radio designed to help transportation users to communicate easily and efficiently while also providing safe driving functions and a wide range of supplementary services.

The MNC360 is compact and lightweight. The 39.3mm ultra-thin body and ergonomic design make it easy to install. The snap-in bracket design facilitates the installation and uninstallation. The rotatable rugged bearing allows users to adjust angles easily. Programmable keys can also help users achieve recording and video capture in one touch.

Designed for PTT over Cellular, the MNC360 adopts dual antennas and dual SIMs to ensure continuous communication. The external main and diversity dual LTE antennas can work together to increase the receive sensitivity by 3 dB, avoiding intermittent voice in areas with a weaker signal. With dual SIMs, the MNC360 can automatically switch to the network with greater signal strengths for constant and reliable connectivity in any situation. 

The MNC360 features a 4-watt speaker with distortion suppression, howling suppression, and noise cancellation technology, which enables the MNC360 to transmit loud and clear audio even with the window rolled down on construction sites or on bustling streets. 

In order to safeguard users, the MNC360 supports over-speed alarm, fatigue driving alarm, and automatic key locks during driving. The external USB camera can also function as a dashcam to record the footage of the road in front of you when you are driving.

With the Android system and standard APIs, the MNC360 is open for third-party apps to create an in-vehicle ecosystem for data applications in the field. It also supports access to various accessories, including wired remote speaker microphone, external speaker, wireless ring PTT, etc.

The MNC360 is highly versatile in transportation areas, such as school buses, logistics, ambulances, taxis, etc., where users can quickly collaborate effectively. To see the MNC360 in action, click

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