Hytera Launches the New Dual-mode Rugged Radio PDC680 to Accelerate the Public Safety Intelligent Experience


Hytera announced the launch of its new PDC680 dual-mode rugged radio. The PDC680 combines a mission-critical DMR radio with an Android-based smartphone in a single device. It harnesses the power of narrowband and broadband technologies to provide mission-critical voice calls, video transmission, and positioning. This dual-mode rugged radio series features Android 10 and advanced hardware performance to optimize the user experience.

The PDC680 is part of Hytera’s dual-mode rugged radio portfolio that is engineered for effortless usability. The ergonomic design on the smart knob and keys and the modular design on Ul’s make it easier for first responders to accomplish tasks with one-hand operations. The radio's IP68 rating (immerse 2m underwater for 4 hours) and ESD IEC Level 4 certifications ensure it operates reliably in extreme environments.

This professional rugged radio is also built to deliver rapid and reliable push-to-talk radio communications in harsh and unpredictable environments and delivers crisp and unprecedented loudness with Al-based noise cancellation - even in the noisiest downtown. It can also automatically switch between the DMR network and the LTE network. Registering with both networks using the same ID, the PDC680 can automatically switch to an optimal network to deliver smooth and reliable voice communications everywhere, indoors, or out.

The PDC680 combines trusted mission-critical communications with broadband capabilities for applications that provide essential information to help public safety users respond to any situation. This allows users to capture on-site pictures and videos and then send them to another radio or command center in real-time to improve situational awareness. This device also features Smart MDM, enabling users to manage radios in batches.

Intelligent, intuitive, and rugged, PDC680 performs reliably, even in the most challenging conditions, helping first responders to work safely and protect lives.

Now, with the release of PDC680 to the global market, Hytera is sticking to its ambition to have a viable business in the convergent radio market.

Hytera’s dual-mode rugged radio product line now includes the PDC680, PTC680, PTC760, and PDM680 hand-held radios. All dual-mode rugged radios now are updated to Android 10, providing users with new ways to control privacy, customize the radio, and get their job done.

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